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        You could lose your mind
    Easier than you would like to think
    Your best friend could up and leave you
    Playing tricks and cold deceive you
    Standing there people stare
    Let down by your own mind

    Day of appreciation
    For ways your mind has not yet let you down
    The truth is that we will all go
    Maybe five minutes after the show
    You know you are a shooting star
    A blazing flash then gone

    (Chorus x2) Are we advancing or a collapsing
    Are we really here
    Are we imaginary
    As my thoughts separates
    Into the many frayed parts
    Torn shattered bits
    My mind falling apart

    What if there was such a thing
    What if there?s such a thing called
    dependence day
    There?s no self congratulation
    Just a day of appreciation
    Quietly humbly
    For things that have not gone wrong

    Imagine the frustration
    Of losing bearing of the simplest thing
    So come with your best and do your worst
    You can?t remember what you came for


    Blazing out the mains
    Hungry flames consume all that I see

    (Chorus x2
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